All activities of Rahat are funded through the Zakat Collection, traditionally launched in Ramzan. For the year ending 31st March 2010 Zakat Collected amounted to nearly Rs 15 lakhs (Rupees 1.5 million) and donations amounted to Rs 4,50,000/-. To date Rahat has managed to mobilise and apply funds amounting to over Rs. 10 Million!!! Rahat's modest activities are Ma'shallah, making a small difference in the lives of those it is helping. But to really impact on society we need funds in a larger scale. May we request well-wishers worldwide to send a part of their Zakat to Rahat every year. And also ask atleast two other persons to do the same. Ideally we would be looking for just one hundred people, who either directly or thorugh friends, relatives and colleagues, send Rahat US $ 2222 every year, then our annual budget would amount to Rupees One crore ( Rupees Ten Million!!!). That would be something. Its an idea. and just 100 people can make this inspired idea a reality. The best way to send funds and Zakat to Rahat is to send a cheque in favour of Rahat Welfare Trust, preferably by Registered Post or courier, to

Row House 5 A, Asmita Hillview CHS, Srikant Dhadway Marg, VIP Area,
Mira Road 401107 Maharashtra. India