In several households the poverty is so abject, so stark that Rahat provides a small monthly allowance for ration and food, as and when funds permit. We found that there would be no point in providing for fees when there was no food in the house. We really would like sponsors and donors to strengthen this activity. During Ramzan Rahat organises Community Iftar for school students and poor and indigent people at four different locations in Mumbai. The Community Iftar is sponsored by WAMY of Saudi Arabia. During Eid-Ul-Azha, arrangements are made to offer sacrifices of goats on behalf of well - wishers staying abroad. The cost of one goat to be sacrificed is approximately US $ 100. The meat is distributed amongst the poor people of slum localities from where Rahat is working.

Students at the Iftar.

Every year a community Iftar is organised through support from WAMY


The poor and needy are forced to survive
sub-human conditions in the slums of Mumbai.